Commercial Cleaning Service

AfrocentriCare delivers full cleaning services to offices, restaurants, parishes, mosques, condos, warehouses, and commercial buildings. Our highly trained teamworks all night and early morning to keep your facility in pristine shape after the day’s job.

Our Clients Enjoy the Following Services:

  • Office, Cubicles and Lobbies’ Cleaning
  • Apartments& Condos Common Areas Cleaning
  • Move in&Move out Cleaning & Disinfecting
  • Airbnb Tenant Turnover Cleaning

Office, Cubicles and Lobbies Cleaning

  •  Sweep & mop all floors
  • Vacuum all rugs & carpets
  • Clean all mirrors, baseboards, windows, ceiling fans, light fixtures & rails
  • Dust all picture frames and lamp shades
  • Clean and disinfect elevators
  • Dust all room furnishings
  • Sanitize all phones
  • Bathroom cleaning and disinfectant
  • Remove Trash

Apartments & Condos Common Areas Cleaning

  • Clean all window interiors & Exteriors
  • Sweep, mop and vacuum all floors and stairs
  • Dust all baseboards & remove cobwebs
  • Clean all mirrors and light fixtures
  • Shine and polish all woods
  • Remove & discard all trash
  • Disinfecting

AirbnB, Move in & Move out Cleaning & Disinfecting

  • Move in cleaning could be a hassle, our specialists are there to ensure you move into a clean fresh and safe home and when you are ready to move out, we will do the same by putting your home to the original fresh and clean home.